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About G.E.T.

G.E.T. school of English is based in Noda-city, close to Atago station (about 3-4 minutes walk).
The school caters to all ages and levels of students.

1. CHILDREN: Pre-school/Elementary/Junior High School

2. TEENS: Senior High School/College

3. ADULTS: Conversation/Business English/TOEIC/TOEFL/Cambridge First Certifate

4. SPECIAL COURSES: Intense courses for going abroad(Traver or Business)/Occupation or career English(Medicine/Engineering, etc)

5. EXTRA COURSES: French-Beginners/German-Beginners

G.E.T is a happy and relaxed school in which you can learn seriously without losing your sense of humour. Group lessons are available or you can join a group already learning. Private (one on one) lessons are obviously a little more expensive but are designed to cater to your particular needs. As the school is privately owned we can afford to be extremely flexible and adaptable to our students needs. Please contact to the Textbooks page for samples in use.

Why are we different?

G.E.T specializes in the personal approach. Your teacher is focused on your ability and can show you how to improve areas in which you need help. We are a multi-age, multi-level school, where you can have fun but also get some serious studying done. Our classes are small and the teachers do not change, so we can put our maximum effort into seeing to your needs.

G.E.T. means

Great English Teaching!

Richard H. Jones

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